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Nice to meet you, I'm Arielle!


By day, I am a software engineer at YouTube. In my free time, I also operate a freelance web design and photography studio. I am based out of Santa Barbara and San Francisco. My work is a mixture of 35mm film and digital focusing on travel, outdoor lifestyle, surfing, and natural light portraiture.

I offer full digital design services for small businesses and nonprofits, including branding, copywriting, web design and  lifestyle and product photography.

I am most interested in surfing, tinkering, design and furniture building. I am passionate about environmental conservation, sustainable travel, and renewable materials/technologies. 


Please reach out with any questions and I look forward to working with you.

Select Clients

EcoStiks (2024)

 - Web design, copy

Women in the Water (2023)

 - Web design, copy, photography

Zona Tropical Homestay (2021)

 - Web design, copy, airbnb management and copy, location photography

Ailuna Swimwear (2022)

 - lifestyle photography

Cimelia Creations (2024)

 - lifestyle and product photography

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